A Place to Remember and Reflect

NIS celebrated the opening of the 2015-16 school year in a special way with gatherings in the New Charles Barton Garden in the front entrance of the school.

While all of the recent building projects over the course of the last two decades provided NIS with top-rate facilities for all divisions, the little sliver of land at the front entrance of the school had actually been relatively un-touched and somewhat neglected. Thanks to the support from donors and friends, the newly opened Charles Barton Garden provides our school community with inviting spaces to have outdoor meetings, places to sit and enjoy being outside, and a place to remember and reflect on the our past and the people who have helped to make the vision of our school a reality.

The double-sided plaque at the entrance of the garden commemorates the former NIS headmaster Charles Barton (1994-2007) who passed away in 2012, and also provides a permanent plaque that remembers both the founding of the school and key people and events in our history.

Watching the students, teachers, and parents use the garden for outdoor class discussion space, for lunch gatherings, and for quiet moments to sit and reflect has been wonderful to see. Surely Mr. Barton and the school’s founders would have been happy with the pleasant space for future generations to enjoy as well.


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