Two years ago on April 3, 2018, our dear friend and Gr. 12 student Sho died after being involved in a road accident as he cycled home following the IB Art Exhibition.

Sho was - and remains - an inspiration to us all. A true connector of people, Sho always had time for everyone in his life. The impact he had on each and everyone who knew him will last a lifetime.

At school, in memory of Sho, last year we raised a banner in the gym (always a special place for Sho) in his honor. It has his Kanji ‘flying high’ above the court which was the scene of so many sporting memories for Sho and his classmates, along with his name in Romaji - simply ‘Sho’.

Sadly, due to the Coronavirus this year, we will not be able to gather physically under the banner this week since the NIS campus is closed to all students and non-essential visitors at this time. Social distancing rules also mean we cannot hold events with large gatherings of people.

However, in honor of Sho, this Friday, April 3, a few staff who are working on campus will gather under the banner at 4 pm in the gym and this will be live-streamed on Instagram ( so that any students, alumni and staff can join us (you will need to follow us on Instagram to participate). This will not be a ceremony, rather it is simply a time to gather together in the same virtual space and hold a few minutes of silence as a community. It is a time and space in which we might remember someone who was - and remains - an incredibly important part of our school and our lives.

Please feel welcome to join from wherever you happen to be in the world right now, and thank you for remembering Sho.

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