It was a historic day in a historic year. It was a day that no one was certain could happen. But on Saturday, June 6 at 4pm, 31 students of NIS (some classmates unfortunately had to miss the ceremony), donned their dolphin green caps and gowns and proceeded onto the Keith Dixon field in front of their teachers and families. For this class of 2020, with so much that was uncertain during their last two quarters at NIS, the moment was bittersweet.

Just as they were saying hello again after being apart for weeks during online learning, this day was also a reminder that they would soon be saying goodbye to their high school selves, their friends, and for some even their families as they prepare to leave home for university or other adventures. But far from a solemn occasion, this day offered the grads the chance to celebrate all their growth and achievements and to acknowledge all their triumphs over their adversities. The NIS class of 2020 will scatter far and wide but just like seeds, they will change the landscape as they grow into their hopes and dreams for their futures. And our futures will be much brighter now that these young people are out in the world!

Congratulations class of 2020!

Watch the video HERE.


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