Although the scaffolding is now completely down and the 'bridge' to the courtyard has been completed, the new East Building is still in its final stages and finishing touches. That is evident by the continuing clanking, hammering, and machinery noises that have now become background music in this last full year of construction! But inside, the interior is coming together, including finishing touches like carpets, painting, signage, and installation of large pieces of furniture. In the past couple of weeks, the retractable seating for Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) was installed, giving us a glimpse of the future of NIS productions and assemblies! It is all exhilarating, and we can't wait to officially get the keys to the building in mid-August. Details for the Opening Ceremony on August 19 are also being finalized and will be sent soon!

We look forward to NIS's future as we are on the cusp of unveiling the newest edition to the campus that will add state-of-the-art, science, math, music, and art facilities, along with the MPH and other flexible spaces for a variety of learning opportunities. The world-class education that NIS has been historically known for will now be that much easier to provide for the future generations of globally-minded change-makers we are proud to call NIS students!


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